In our second set of questions posed to the developers of IRC clients for OS X, we have asked Andrew de los Reyes about IRC, and development of his client, IrssiX.
1. When did you first start using IRC ?

Around 2001.

2. What was the first client that you used ?

It was X-Chat on Linux, which was my desktop OS at the time.

3. What inspired you to write your own client ?

I switched to Mac OS X for my desktop OS, but there was no good GUI IRC client at the time (late 2001).

4. Is it a solo effort, or is there a small/large team behind the scenes ?

Most of the work behind Irssix is the work of the irssi authors. I simply added a Cocoa frontend to it. The vast majority of the frontend was programmed by me.

5. What makes your client stand out from the crowd ?

It's a lot like irssi, if you go for that sort of thing.

6. In which (programming) language is your client written ?

irssi is written in C. Irssix's frontend is written in Objective-C.

7. Why was this language chosen ?

It was the best supported language for the project. It integrated well with both irssi and the OS.

8. What unreleased features are you presently working on ?

Universal binary support

9. What are your plans for the future ? Do you see your client in active development ten years from now ?

Universal binary support. Irssix isn't really in active development now, so I don't really see it in active development in ten years.

10. Is there anything else you'd like to add ?

I don't use Irssix anymore. I find that running irssi in a screen session is much nicer, although it's not a Cocoa app.

Here's the Irssix URL:
I must concur with Andrew on his final point, Irssi is great when used in companion with screen, it's my own personal set-up of choice when using IRC, however for an easy introduction to both IRC, and Irssi, I'd definitely recommend Irssix, which provides both the full Irssi environment, with the familiarity of a GUI wrapper.

Thank you to Andrew for participating with the site.
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