Offering a nice list of fixes and new features, Snak 5.1.3 has been slipped out underneath our noses. The chanelog looks like so:
Version 5.1.3 released 06/03/06
[New] /dns command to find IP address of nicknames and locations.
[New] Button in the Enter Key dialog to automatically update your old license key if necessary.
[Chg] Outgoing overlong messages and actions are now split on word boundaries.
[Chg] Allow incoming malformed action message that have been incorrectly cut up because of length.
[Chg] Look in ~/Library/sounds and /System/Library/Sounds for sounds as well. This means you can use the system alert sounds in the Snak actions.
[Fix] The Connect To menu item would not always activate the server panel for the connection.
[Fix] An occasional crash when setting up a new window.
[Fix] The order of the panels was not restored correctly when reopening windows.
[Fix] The Spotlight contextual menu item did not search for the right word.
[Fix] Occasional 100% CPU consumption.
[Fix] The /exec command would garble lines that contained % characters.
[Fix] Splitting overlong action messages did not work.
[Fix] The forwards and backwards commands didn't work right after rearranging panels in a window.
More information is available from the links below.

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