After being released as a universal binary last month, Snak sees another new release offering some new features along with a nice list of bug fixes.

The official change-log looks as such:
[New] Live feedback for the insertion location when dragging a panel in a window. A panel can be dragged by the panel button or by the gripper area in the topic area.
[New] Support for mIRC style sound requests with an attached action message.
[Chg] Snak will now use the system sound folder instead of the Snak specific sound folder.
[Chg] The /sound command will automatically put quotes around the song name if it contains spaces.
[Chg] The Show Script Folder item is now in the tools menu instead of the windows menu.
[Chg] The filename for manually logged channels is more descriptive.
[Fix] Difficult to select channel text with an active DCC transfer item in the profilelist.
[Fix] 3 pixel not cleared in either side of the window when a panel was dragged around by the gripper area.
[Fix] The column width of the integrated userlist is not correctly restored.
[Fix] A manual log is not closed with "log file closed at.." when quitting the program or stopping manual logging.
[Fix] Can't log channels with colon in the name.
[Fix] Channel password replaced with * if the server is set to hide password for non-ops.
More information and the download are available from the links below.

Link Icon Snak Change-log
Link Icon Snak Home
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