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What is IRC ?

IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a form of instant communication over the internet, designed to group communication into "Channels" where-by more than one person can join the discussion (however, one-to-one communication is still possible).

Unlike other "chat" services on the internet, you can pick the application (client) you use to connect to the servers, and also more control is allowed over IRC, where-by people can be removed/banned from channels, or you may invite people, and also give trusted users elevated permissions etc. Further reading about how IRC works is available from the IRC page.

What are GUI and CLI ?

A GUI client is an application which features a graphical interface, such as the Mac OS itself does. GUI clients are easier to use due to the way in which they are presented.
A CLI Client is an application which runs in a terminal window, via the command line, if you are unsure of how to use a CLI client, it is probably best to stick with a GUI client for now.

Many people will use only a CLI or only a GUI client, claiming one format is better than the other, however, both types of client have their own advantages, you just need to find which one suits your needs.

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Is there an official IRC channel ?

Nope, afraid not.

Why on earth not ?

It's always been my experience that when creating an IRC channel relating directly to a web-site that it never really picks up, and you get the catch22 of "no-one's here... I'm going to leave." well if everyone leaves because no one is there, then there will always be no one there, resulting in an empty channel.

As with most things though, as the site is new, should demand increase for an official channel, we would have no problem in creating and maintaining one. Until then, check out some of the channels featured on our channels page, where you can find plenty of useful information, good communities and even some of the MacIRC staff idling away.

Will you be featuring client for Mac OS 8.x / 9.x ?

As we explained on the "About The Site" page, MacIRC was originally created due to the lack of information relating to IRC clients on the Mac, or more specifically the lack of information on newer clients.
With this in mind, we aim to keep you up to date with information regarding the latest clients for the Mac OS X platform, regrettably this means that we will not be presenting information or support for clients which run on the OS9 and OS8 platforms, this may change if the site expands to a size where-by it would be beneficial to support these clients.

Is Geffy really a wench ?


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