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Mac IRC has been created as a one stop information resource for IRC clients on the OS X platform.

Like many other people, I regularly use IRC for communicating with others online, however, in October 2003, when I "switched" to using an Apple Macintosh rather than my previous Windows, Linux, BeOS and FreeBSD environments, I found locating a decent IRC client, which suited my tastes, was rather difficult.

I know that I'm not alone in this venture, I have noted numerous posts on various web-sites and fora, by people asking for help regarding IRC and where to obtain a client from, even Fred from MegaTokyo had this problem when he got his PowerMac.

If you're an IRC enthusiast, or even an IRC newcomer, you will probably heard of IRCHelp.org, and this is where I initially turned to locate information regarding clients on OS X.

If you haven't heard of the site, in short, IRCHelp.org is a fantastic resource for assistance and information regarding IRC. However the mac section features what I would personally say, is outdated information. The site only lists two clients, neither of which are free.

I tried to bring this point up with the site owner, but got a reply basically stating that only clients that have "stood the test of time" are mentioned on the site (the mac page also has a footnote to reflect this now). It's a fair point, however if most people are like myself, they at least want to know of the other choices which are available so they can make up their own minds.

I am in no way trying to defile or defame IRCHelp.org, in-fact they've inspired me to make this site, so if you find anything on here useful, you have them to thank.

Coding and Design

The site has been coded and designed entirely by Dave (a.k.a. SPeedY_B) and is presently maintained by only one person, though additional news posters may eventually be bought in.

The site has been coded for 100% compliance with W3 specifications, and as such should render fine in all browsers. However, this may not the case, if you locate any glitches in the sites design, please contact me. No testing has, or will be, completed using Microsoft Internet Explorer or any other Windows only browsers.

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